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    Please follow the instructions below. This form will be reviewed and submitted to the ATO followed by secure payment.

    1. Complete the cancellation form below.
    2. Check the details provided and submit your application.
    3. Once submitted, you GST registration will be cancelled with the ATO.


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    Applicant Details

    This is required to cancel your GST registration.

    *Enter your ABN

    This will have been set up when you registered for an ABN.

    *Select your business structure

    Please enter your entity name. You can find the entity name when checking your ABN on the ABN Lookup website (

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    Contact Details

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    GST Cancellation Details

    If the date you choose is from a previous period, the cancellation will be dated on the last day of that period. Future dated cancellations will be processed on that future date.

    *Day For Cancellation To Take Effect
    *Reason for Cancellation
    *Please select a reason
    *Please select a reason
    *Please select a reason

    Taxi Operator includes passenger-transport services like ride-sharing (e.g. Uber).

    *Is The ABN Related To Taxi Operations? (e.g. Uber, Didi, Taxi)
    *Does your business represent an individual who is bankrupt and is registered (or required to be registered) for GST?
    *Is your business in liquidation?
    *Is your business an Australian resident for tax purposes who acts as an agent for a non-resident that is registered (or required to be registered) for GST?

    Your ABN must be registered for GST. You cannot cancel.


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