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When You Should Charge GST (And When You Shouldn’t)

By GST Register | 7 August, 2019 | Comments Off on When You Should Charge GST (And When You Shouldn’t)

For most businesses based or operating in Australia they will have to charge GST. However, some businesses may sell goods or services that are exempt from GST. Some non-profit organisations may also be entitled to concessions on some transactions with GST. Will I need to register for GST if my goods or services are exempt? If…

How to Include GST in Your Tax Invoices

By GST Register | 31 July, 2019 | Comments Off on How to Include GST in Your Tax Invoices

Once you become registered for GST, your invoices must be tax invoices. They include the GST component of the transaction and allow your GST registered customers to claim GST credits on their purchases (as they need to keep a copy of a tax invoice for any purchase of $82.50 or over. To remove any confusion…

How To Register For GST Online

By GST Register | 24 July, 2019 | Comments Off on How To Register For GST Online

Registering for GST is a simple process that you can do online, over the phone, or through an agent registered with the Tax Practitioners Board. GST Register makes it even easier, all you need to do is go to and follow the prompts. But there are still a lot of questions surrounding registration that we can answer.  …

Backdating Your GST Registration

By GST Register | 17 July, 2019 | Comments Off on Backdating Your GST Registration

If you want to register for GST but your business started some time ago, you are allowed to backdate your registration. This will enable you to claim GST credits on your start-up expenses and potentially get a significant amount of money back into your business.   When backdating your registration, you have the option to backdate it up to…

An Introduction to GST

By GST Register | 8 July, 2019 | Comments Off on An Introduction to GST

GST may seem complex or intimidating at first, but it can be relatively simple. As long as you keep records of the GST you collect through your business sales, and understand your reporting obligations, you will be nailing your GST requirements.   To help you get started we have created this simple guide to introduce you to GST. …

Benefits of Outsourcing Business Taxation

By GST Register | 18 April, 2016 | Comments Off on Benefits of Outsourcing Business Taxation

Taxation is a recurring, time-consuming, complex and business process. It is a legal requirement for all Australian enterprises operating for profit. Paying business GST and other tax obligations has never been a problem, it is the preparation, computation, and filing of tax returns that is difficult to most entrepreneurs. Fortunately, the onset and advancement of…

Accounting for GST Credits

By GST Register | 23 November, 2015 | Comments Off on Accounting for GST Credits

GST credits are the GST included in your business purchases. This is also called the input tax credit – tax paid on the purchase of your business inputs. GST credits are offset against the GST payable of the business. If your business GST payable is $100,000 and your GST credits total is $65,000, you are…

Queensland Business Taxation 101

By GST Register | 20 July, 2015 | Comments Off on Queensland Business Taxation 101

Knowing your legal and tax obligations is essential to putting up and running a business. Business tax requirements in Brisbane differs according to the nature of business and the size of the company or the number of employees you have. It would be wise to have a professional consultation with an accountant or bookkeeper in…

Tips to Avoid Common GST Errors

By GST Register | 8 June, 2015 | Comments Off on Tips to Avoid Common GST Errors

Accuracy and correctness are essentials to faster and trouble-free filing of your GST. It is not enough you filed, ATO will also require you to report the right information, do the correct calculations, and filled out the appropriate forms. You will be held liable to everything you reported. A certified bookkeeper in Brisbane can lodge…

Simplified Accounting Methods for GST

By GST Register | 6 April, 2015 | Comments Off on Simplified Accounting Methods for GST

Brisbane bookkeeping and accounting use SAM to calculate GST of certain businesses. SAM or simplified accounting methods for GST are applicable to small food retailers and resellers whose GST turnover is below $2 million, who buy and sell products that are both taxed and GST-free at the same time, and do not have a reliable…

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