Backdating Your GST Registration

If you want to register for GST but your business started some time ago, you are allowed to backdate your registration. This will enable you to claim GST credits on your start-up expenses and potentially get a significant amount of money back into your business.  

When backdating your registration, you have the option to backdate it up to 4 years in the past. However, please note that when backdating 6 months or more, you will not be eligible to report your activities to the ATO (lodge your BAS) annually, only quarterly or monthly reporting will be available. 

Obligations you have when backdating

Once you register for GST, you have the responsibility to report GST transactions to the ATO in the chosen periods. Backdating your GST registration date means that you will need to report for any periods since you became GST registered. For example, if you backdated your registration by 4 years, you will have the obligation to report all GST collected in sales and claimable on business expenses over those 4 years. 

There are some great benefits to backdating your registration. If you started your business some time ago, but have not made a sale and have only incurred in setup costs, backdating your GST registration can help you claim GST credits for start-up purchases. Discuss with a professional accounting service about the gains you could make from backdating your GST registration. Remember though, backdating means you need to have been collecting GST for any sales you have made since the registration date. 

Considerations before backdating

One of the first thing businesses should consider before backdating their GST registration is whether they have been collecting the 10% tax on their sales or if they will be paying 1/11th of their turnover. For some businesses, this will make a lot of sense. They will be wanting to claim GST credits that will surpass the amount of GST that they should have collected.  

Finally, if you have a GST-free business (eg. selling GST-free food), then registering for GST and backdating it could make a lot of sense. You will be able to claim all the GST included in the assets you purchased and running business expenses since you became GST registered.

Registering for GST

After you have decided what date you would like to backdate your registration to, it is time to register for GST. The easiest and fastest way to register for GST is through With GSTregister you receive support from a registered tax agent, eliminating all headaches. Through our easy form you can be registered for GST in a matter of hours. Head to our registration form today.